Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering has recently emerged as a sport in its own right, as it used to be the sole domain of rock climbers. Now the sport can be enjoyed by anyone with enthusiasm and does not require any climbing equipment, although rock shoes are recommended to enhance the experience.

Is Bouldering dangerous?

The floor of the bouldering area is covered in thick matting to try and help prevent injuries as well as give a soft landing. However it does not make the climbing safer and the onus is on the user to climb safely. Staff are always on hand to help you boulder safely.




Am I too unfit to become any good?

No. Usually working a boulder problem involves determination and patience to unlock a sequence of moves so that you may get to the top. Strength and flexibility are less important as it is the individual moves which are crucial to success. Often a Boulderer who can work out which techniques to use on a problem will outperform a stronger person who has not learned how to complete the moves in the easiest way.


What if I am scared of heights?

The vast majority of people begin bouldering with a fear of heights. Most climbers still are scared and some Boulderers only climb at walls so they can avoid the heady heights of outdoor climbing. It is quite common for our customers to start off afraid of climbing to the top and after a few weeks at Oswestry Climbing Centre jumping down from any height. We recommend you start low to build up confidence. There are plenty of holds around so even if you don't want to climb up high you can still traverse around the foot of the wall.


What are the rules?

There are no rules in climbing. All our climbs have been colour coded according to difficulty and are set to start from a sitting position and finish with both of your hands on the final hold. This doesn't mean you have to stick to our colours. You can make up your own climbs or add different colours to a route to make them easier. You are free to climb whatever you like however you like as long as you are safe and considerate to those around you. There are however rules and conditions of use for Oswestry Climbing Centre which can be found here.